About KAI

Kartagener Associates Inc. (KAI) specializes in promoting the travel and tourism industries. KAI was founded in 1995 with the idea of creating marketing solutions for travel companies looking to increase sales in North America. With over 20 years of success it is clear that this idea has been embraced within the travel industry. The KAI team has built a strong network of contacts that enables the firm to deliver travel and tourism information to the North American marketplace with unparalleled success. In addition to traditional methods, the KAI team regularly introduces creative and innovative ways to ensure that clients are increasing exposure and realizing increased sales. Henry Kartagener, a pioneer in the travel marketing industry with over four decades of experience, heads up all the marketing efforts and has surrounded himself with top notch talent with varying backgrounds to complete the team.

The Team


Following 20+ years in the airline industry Henry Kartagener sought a new challenge. Knowing that he needed a change, Henry resigned from his post of Marketing & Sales Manager, North America with South African Airways while attending a trade show in South Africa. He immediately began brainstorming with some industry colleagues about what his future in the industry might look like.

Our Services

KAI offers a variety of services for travel-related companies seeking to increase market share in North America. Each of the brands in the award-winning KAI Collection selects a complement of services that suits their needs. Over the past 20+ years KAI has delivered a strong return on investment for its many partners.

Services Performed:

  • Sales calls to the travel trade
  • Executing targeted marketing campaigns
  • Product development
  • Representing, managing & facilitating tradeshows and conferences
  • Conducting inside sales services
  • Advertising, including print, online & broadcast
  • Planning, coordinating and executing business development trips
  • Developing and managing loyalty programs
  • Conducting market research and reporting trends