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New Panda Research Center Opens in Chengdu


For those looking to volunteer and make a difference, or simply learn more about these wonderful animals, there is a new giant panda breeding base in Chengdu named China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda. Located fifty kilometers away from Chengdu, close to the Qingcheng Mountain, the enter sits in a stunning forested valley. Divided into three areas, the complex includes a district for research and education, plus another two areas to help reintroduce pandas back into the wild. Over 350 giant pandas are now being cared for at the breeding base.

The Dujiangyan Panda Base offers volunteer programs to give visitors an opportunity to get closer to the giant pandas and understand their situation in the wild. During the program participants work with local staff to take care of the pandas.

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Burma Team-building and Inspection Trip


The entire Destination Asia Burma/Myanmar team recently attended an intense weekend of team-building and hotel inspections in Ngapali beach. Sales, accounting and operations staff enjoyed experiencing first-hand the luxury destination they sell.

Over 10 hotels were inspected during the two days, and Destination Asia Burma/Myanmar can provide the most up-to-date information on each one to ensure guests find their perfect match. There are a number of reasonably priced resorts for families or FITs who would also like to make the most out of the beachfront location. On the first day, Operations Manager Lu Min organized an afternoon of team-building games on the beach involving highly-spirited races. In the evenings the team sampled delicious cuisine in a number of local restaurants and will be happy to provide recommendations on where to eat.

The team are now excited more than ever to sell our clients the beautiful pristine shores of the Rakhine coast.

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Exceptional Event Space at Studio City Macau


The five-star Studio City Macau recently opened and is set against a backdrop of Art Deco-inspired architecture, aiming to recreate the glamour of 1950s Hollywood. The 1,600 room resort’s event space can be configured into 15 areas, the largest hosting 1,500 in a theatre-style setting or for a cocktail reception.

The resort’s event center, a 5,500-seat venue, offers 16 VIP suites for private parties. Incentive options include the first Batman 4D flight simulation ride and cocktails on the Golden Reel, the world’s highest ‘figure eight’ Ferris wheel. It stands at 130 metres and has 17 cabins, each accommodating up to 10 people. An excellent option for groups requiring themed events with an engaging twist.

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New Trail on Mount Kinabalu Now Open


A new trail leading adventure seekers up Mount Kinabalu is due to open on December 1, 2015, on a two-month trial period. The number of climbers using the new route has been limited to between 100 and 120 people a day, allowing a more pleasurable and safer experience

Destination Asia Malaysia have all the formalities in place to organize climbing expeditions on the mountain for those eager to test the new route. The new trail up to the highest point, Low’s Peak at 4,095 meters follows a higher and steeper elevation. The new trail presents even more spectacular views of the surrounding forests, rocky plateau and beyond. The existing route from Laban Rata (3,272 meters) to the summit is still under construction following an earthquake earlier this year. The new summit trail is safer compared to the previous one used by climbers and was selected on the advice of international mountaineering experts and geologists from Japan.

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Private Elephant and Trekking Experience


Spending time with elephants in Laos is becoming a favored pastime and is often the highlight of any visit to Asia. Destination Asia Laos has devised an excellent private elephant riding and trekking experience in northern Laos, introducing visitors to the pristine jungle terrain and majestic waterfalls found in this region. Our base is the Elephant Village, located close to the Nam Khan River just 15 kilometers from Luang Prabang. On arrival guests are welcomed by the Camp Manager/Mahout and participate in a short briefing to learn more about these gentle giants before departing on a scenic ride.

Following the ride we jump down off the elephants and embark on a light trek of approximately three kilometers, following the path of a natural stream that flows from the mountains. On our journey we stop at Tad Sae Waterfall and Tad Xae Waterfall, where it is possible to swim in the cool water and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch.

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Learn How to Play the Traditional Taiko Drums


Guests can visit a taiko dojo (practice hall) to enjoy an exciting close encounter with the impressive taiko Japanese drums. Their teacher during this experience will first explain the history and importance of taiko drums, how they are made and their great significance in Japanese music. Guests are then taught some simple but impressive rhythm beats, later joining together to create an exciting performance, including the poses and vigorous yells that accompany the drumming. Their use dates back to over 2000 years ago when they were used as a communication tool and in religious rituals.

An allocated photo time is also included (with your own camera), to collect amazing memories of this unique and highly respected, ancient Japanese tradition.

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Vietnam’s Best Rooftop Lounge Escapes


For exceptional views and stylish settings, Hanoi and Saigon have countless rooftop spots where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink while taking in magnificent views of the streets below. Spectacularly located on the 26th floor, the uber-cool Chill Skybar offers sweeping views of downtown Saigon and beyond, priding itself on being Saigon’s original sky bar.

Known as the ‘five o’clock follies’ during the Vietnam War, The Rooftop Garden Bar was the location foreign journalists held their press conferences. Also in the heart of the city, and another popular spot among journalists in the 1960s is Saigon Saigon. Today it’s still a great place to watch the sun go down. Offering unparalleled views of the Saigon River, Breeze Sky Bar is a relaxing place to watch Saigon’s river life. It was here that Graham Greene wrote ‘The Quiet American’. With fewer high-rise buildings than Saigon, Hanoi still has some spectacular locations from which to relax and gaze across the beautiful cityscape. The Skyline Lounge offers a 360° view of the city, including the rooftops of the Old Quarter, whereas the Summit Lounge allows impressive panoramic views across Hanoi. For sky-high views of the city, there’s no better spot than the Top of Hanoi which provides a birds-eye view from the 65th floor.

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Traditional Khmer Hospitality at Sokha Beach


Sokha Beach Resort offers travelers the opportunity to immerse in traditional Khmer hospitality, renowned for its service and careful attention to the finer details. At the resort visitors can explore the private, pristine white sandy beach that stretches for 1.5 kilometers. This spectacular backdrop joins to the extensively landscaped gardens – all located just two minutes from downtown Sihanoukville and only 25 minutes from the airport.

Sokha Beach Resort is currently undergoing minor renovation work as they add an additional building and install world-class ThyssenKrupp elevators. During the installation of the elevators in the Ocean Wing Building, only one elevator in each wing will be available for guests’ service. These improvements are scheduled for completion by February 2016.

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Organic Balinese Healing Experience


Located at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa healing is inspired by the Balinese way of life. The system encourages a harmonious relationship between the spirit, environment and with one another, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. Combined with the soothing power of traditional Balinese massage, aromatic oils are applied and absorbed through the skin and carried around the body, stimulating its natural immune system. Guests can select their favorite scent from an array of Fivelements aromatherapy blends with pure phyto essences.

Once the massage is complete, guests are invited to participate in Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony and Meditation. Agni Hotra is an ancient fire ceremony originating from the sacred vedic hindu texts. Agni refers to fire and Hotra represents healing. Specially trained priests make offerings into a fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras during this spiritual process.

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Countdown to New Year 2016 in Singapore


Looking for an exciting destination to present to clients for New Year’s Eve 2016? We can connect guests to some spectacular parties and events taking place over the New Year period in Singapore. The sites we recommend guests visit for the countdown include Benjamin Sheares Bridge, the Padang at City Hall facing Marina Bay, Esplanade Bridge and Merlion Park.

Celebrations are taken seriously in Singapore so expect a dazzling display of fireworks and a super exuberant atmosphere. Marina Bay is home to an unforgettable live show, where visitors can take in those famous sights as the night sky lights up in an array of colors. We advise visitors to arrive early on the day and to make accommodation arrangements now as it is a very busy occasion – and one not to be missed.

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Remote Koh Jum is a Tropical Paradise


Koh Jum is a tropical island paradise accessible within thirty minutes by boat from mainland Krabi. The island is largely untouched and has very few visitors, which makes it an idyllic island for a true cast-away experience. Nature lovers won’t be disappointed as the lush green forests on the northern parts of the island are teeming with wildlife and ripe for exploration. Koh Jum is located very close to the Phi Phi National Marine Park and surrounded by stunning reefs making it a great place for diving and snorkeling.

Away from busy tourist destinations, visitors can explore the island or go island hopping without ever meeting another traveler. The island has few roads roads and even less traffic. Koh Jum Beach Villas are located on a four kilometer stretch of beach which offer exceptional sunset views over Phi Phi, the perfect setting for an evening stroll along the beach or sipping cocktails watching the sun go down.

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