eDA – Destination Asia’s Innovative
Online Booking Engine

Destination Asia’s innovative online booking engine – eDA – provides exclusive access to unique travel products and services across Asia. eDA provides access for our clients to a live and instant booking system – a critical tool for any business to expand in our fast developing world. Bridging continents and reducing time-frames is now an international standard. eDA allows multi-country bookings processed through a single PNR, helping our clients save time and maximize sales. This comprehensive integration and simplicity of use is exclusively available for B2B customers – reinforcing our commitment to solely provide B2B solutions as a travel business partner across Asia.

• Book hotel rooms, tours and transfers online 24/7
• Save their booking as a quotation and convert it into an order at a later date
• Confirm a reservation immediately
• Make later changes and additions to itineraries
• Complete a reservation via a fully secured personal information system
• View the latest special offers

The system was developed in collaboration with Destination Asia partners, based on an understanding of the differing needs of its business clients to ensure full flexibility. eDA is the most advanced booking system available on the market, capable of streamlined online operations and XML connectivity
e: sales@destination-asia.com

Chiang Mai Office Opens in Northern Thailand


Destination Asia Thailand has opened their sixth office in Thailand. The new Chiang Mai branch office will complement their existing offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Koh Samui. The new fully functioning office will cover operations in the North of Thailand, an area rich in cultural offerings and natural wonders. The opening aims to offer clients a better, more streamlined service to the growing client base while a presence here will also allow a faster response to local enquiries with Destination Asia staff on the ground.

Destination Asia Thailand remain at the forefront of delivering not only cutting-edge service standards, but also in developing new trends and tendencies in product, from spiritual encounters to the arts and the celebration of culture.

Leading developments in the Chiang Mai office will be Mr Thanat Muengmun (Khun Prem).

78 Charoensuk Road
Tambon Chang Phuak
Amphoe Muang
Chiang Mai
+66 (0)53 224901
+66 (0)53 406327
e: thailand@destination-asia.com

Virgin Trails Through Southern Shan State


Staff from the Destination Asia Myanmar/Burma office recently attended a FAM trip in the newly self-administered ethnic area of Southern Shan State. Between the towns of Pindaya and Ywanga is a series of 20 trails that offer incredible trekking, cultural experiences and beautiful landscape where very few tourists visit. The FAM trip was put together in partnership with the local Danu community as well as GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and MIID (Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development).

Destination Asia Myanmar/Burma currently has an office in Inle and is already able to arrange local guide support for nearby trekking routes, as they have been working in the region for some time. However, the trekking in the Danu region is much more diverse than that in nearby Kalaw which has become a very popular location. The routes are incredibly scenic and provide a welcome challenge in some parts, while the meals introduce locally sourced ingredients and are simply delicious.
e: myanmar@destination-asia.com

Highland Tribes Celebrate Cultural Traditions

A celebration of culture takes place next month when all the diverse tribes from the highlands of Wamena and the Baliem Valley such as the Dani, Lani, and the Yali congregate during their annual festival. Taking place from 6-8 August 2015 in the Usilimo District, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, guests can witness a mock tribal warfare held between 30-50 warriors. Also taking place during the event will be traditional Papuan dances, pig racing, Puradan Rattan spear throwing and traditional Papuan musical performances.

Experience and encounter the unique culture of this region through Destination Asia Indonesia’s ‘Tribes of The East – Papua & the Dani’ program. This experiential joining of cultures reveals ancient traditions and places guests in the heart of warrior villages – including the Aikima and Dani villages. We live alongside tribespeople who share the beauty of their natural surroundings on a truly spectacular adventure.
e: indonesia@destination-asia.com

The Masterful Creation of a Samurai’s Sword


A rare treat that excites on every level. Shrouded in secrecy, the samurai’s sword is a work of art – immortalized in legendary tales. We can now offer a window into the making of these fine, hand crafted weapons, seeing with your own eyes the intricate process of sword-making. The samurai are believed to represent the soul of Japan, which is also said to reside in their sword, known as katana. It is regarded as an object of worship, passed down through generations of rulers.

Witness the craftsmanship involved in forging the katana as we visit the workplace of renowned swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara and his son Yoshikazu Yoshihara. Yoshindo Yoshihara is recognized as one of the most celebrated swordsmiths in the world, whose works of art have been featured in places such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
e: japan@destination-asia.com

A Culinary Inspired Trail Through Penang


Discover the heritage rich sites of Penang and its multi-cultural background through its amazing food. This fulfilling program will set taste buds salivating as you sample the best of the city’s street food. We fill ourselves with sweet and savory treats while learning about traditional Malaysian cuisine alongside locals at a selection of street style restaurants. On our culinary trail we take in the surrounding history, strolling along old city streets, passing preserved heritage sites and stopping at famed food spots such as one of Penang’s oldest Chinese coffee shops.

With Malay, Chinese and Indian flavors in its street food, there’s no better way to literally taste the cultural diversity of Penang. The inexpensively priced cuisine is delightfully rich in flavor and available at all hours of the day (the secret to the immense flavor in the use of age-old family recipes and old-fashioned cooking methods). One of the most diverse places for street food in Penang is Persiaran Gurney’s busy and iconic Gurney Drive Hawker Centre which will please even the fussiest eater.
e: malaysia@destination-asia.com

Red River Cultural Explorer With Artistic Twist


Our Red River cultural exploration by bicycle combines a visit to Hanoi’s largest wholesale market, the historic Long Bien bridge and a selection of our favorite ancient temples and pagodas in this area. The journey will also provide a chance to meet with some local artists at their own studios to see how they work. We visit Dinh Thi Tham Poong’s studio whose paintings are deeply influenced by her Muong ethnic minority roots and childhood years in the remote mountainous border region between Vietnam and China.

We then visit painter Le Thu’s studio to view the original antique Peugeot bicycle collection before making our way to the village of Bo De to a lacquer workshop. Here we learn the secrets behind producing a simple yet charming lacquer product. Our program then draws to a close with the option of a delicious lunch.
e: vietnam@destination-asia.com

Hong Kong Heritage Biking Adventure


An enlightening biking adventure taking guests into the heart of Hong Kong’s lesser explored historic villages and ancient sites. Wearing our safety gear and led by expert guides, we make our way through Kam Tin Walled City to the historic village of Shui Tau where we explore the Old Schoolhouse Museum and Ancestral Halls. From here our guide leads us on a historic trail, passing through 850 years of history as we trundle past Sha Po village to Nam Sheng Wai – an area also known for its biodiversity.

In the old city of Yuen Long, we stop for a Dim Sum lunch before jumping back on our bikes and heading toward the Fish Ponds of Tsim Bei Tsui. Close to the Chinese border, we can look across the bay and peer into the neighboring country, while on the Hong Kong side we continue riding past the bountiful Wetland Park. An ancient fishing village approaches next where we try a local delicacy called ‘Old Wives Cake’. Our final destination is another Wetland Park, and this time we enter to explore its rich, varied habitat – a pleasure few travelers even know exists in one of the world’s most fascinating regions.

e: hongkong@destination-asia.com

Singapore’s First UNESCO World Heritage Site


The 150 year old Singapore Botanic Garden was appointed a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 4th 2015 and is the country’s first. The UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription will be unveiled at the Gardens on the Golden Jubilee weekend from 7-10 August. The Singapore Botanic Garden forms part of the National Parks Board properties that include a number of National Parks in Singapore, including Gardens by the Bay. One of its many highlights is its extensive orchid enclosures and orchid gardens, a favorite among many visitors to Singapore and an excellent location for meetings and events programmes. The beautiful 74-hectare botanical garden is expected to be the first of many designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Minister Lawrence Wong from the Parliament of Singapore praised the announcement, commenting, “It will motivate us to do even more to strengthen our conservation efforts in the gardens and elsewhere in Singapore and to invest further in heritage development in Singapore.”
e: singapore@destination-asia.com

Khmer Cooking Class in Beach Front Setting


This private cooking class takes place in a stunning beach front setting within Knai Bang Chat resort. Our culinary canvas is the beautiful seafront restaurant at the resort where masterful chefs create glorious menus, celebrating Khmer cuisine. Guests learn the secrets behind combining fresh spices and contrasting flavors and textures to produce mouthwatering dishes.

The course commences with a visit to the busy Crab Market where our chef will introduce and explain the various spices and ingredients on offer. On returning to the kitchen, the chef then provides a full introduction to all ingredients the group will be cooking with before starting. During the class, guests will learn to make three to four traditional Khmer dishes as well as gaining a thorough understanding of traditional cooking techniques and the importance of seasonality in Khmer cooking.
e: cambodia@destination-asia.com

Cruise the Notorious Golden Triangle


The once notorious Golden Triangle remains a corner of Southeast Asia that travelers must explore. It’s the meeting of three magnificent countries – Laos, Burma and Thailand; creating a diverse, and enigmatic landscape best explored by boat. Our vessel for this resplendent adventure is the luxurious RV Laos Pandaw. While we glimpse and touch the border of Burma and Thailand, the real voyage takes place in Laos. We traverse Laos from the charming antiquated French capital of Vientiane, along the vast Mekong River to Huay Xai and Tachilek.

We venture deep into mountain gorges, through gentle rapids and cruise among lush jungle foliage; listening to the chorus of wild animals in their home territory. On the journey we visit remote tribal villages and trek through the surrounding wilderness to learn more about the stories attached to the Golden Triangle – and how it is still revered today.
e: laos@destination-asia.com

Copper Adds Variety to Events in Beijing


Temple Restaurant Beijing – and its quirky new neighbor Copper, present a unique twist on dining in the capital. Copper is a new event space just five minutes from Temple Restaurant Beijing located a little further down the hutong. It has its own kitchen facilities and is an excellent setting for afternoon and evening events. Copper presents an art-gallery inspired floor space that can hold approximately sixteen dining tables with 10 people per table. Split over two levels the capacity is for 160 seated guests or 300 standing.

The venue has on-site storage facilities and can provide an extensive selection of wines. The second level event space is capable of hosting 80 people for dinner. Copper is located in a residential area but late night music and events are not a problem.
e: china@destination-asia.com

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