Liberty Latin America, Argentina

Liberty Latin America, Argentina

Argentina, the country of every landscape and every climate, of the large skies and the infinite land offers the supreme beauty of a high diversity of surprising sites: desert, mountains, pampa, lakes, glaciers, falls and oceans.

Framed by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the magnificent Andean Mountains to the west, this immense country amazes the visitor with imposing cascades: over 200 waterfalls falling down into the midst of the jungle; it marvels with the millenary glaciers: unique testimony of the ice that once covered the Earth; and surprises with the colonies of millions of penguins and hundreds of whales on the Atlantic Coast.

Argentina is a big country: the eighth-largest in the world, and the second-largest in South America. The Andes cover the western edge of Argentina, and then give way to vast, almost treeless plains (Pampas) that blanket the central region and stretch to the Atlantic Ocean. Patagonia – to the south – is a legendary landscape of jagged mountains, thick forests, glaciers and lakes, and home to penguins, seals and whales.

Buenos Aires, its capital, is a large cosmopolitan city very European in character.

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