Destination Asia China

Destination Asia China

Destination Asia is proud to be the first destination management company to specialize in Indochina operations and the first Asia based travel company owned by its employees. Since establishment in 1996, Destination Asia has developed a network spanning 11 countries.

An endlessly fascinating country that is developing at a simply dizzying speed, graced with one of the oldest and most ingenious civilizations in history. Entire sprawling cities have sprung up where not so long ago there was barely even a village, and Shanghai has to be a contender for today’s most stunning, futuristic metropolis. Destination Asia China has rapidly grown, with offices now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the stunning city of Guilin. Excited by the continual positive developments within China, Destination Asia is developing new products sourced from the adventure laden Tibet to the growing resort destination of Sanya. In recognition of the efforts of Destination Asia China, they were awarded ‘Best China Inbound DMC 2013 by the Chinese Ministry of Tourism.

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