Destination Asia Japan

Destination Asia Japan

Destination Asia is proud to be the first destination management company to specialize in Indochina operations and the first Asia based travel company owned by its employees. Since establishment in 1996, Destination Asia has developed a network spanning 11 countries.

One of the most recent destinations to open, Destination Asia Japan was formed in 2011 and now has two operational offices in Tokyo and Kyoto. Japan has a distinctive, original identity: an identity that is purely, essentially Japanese with barely a trace of outside influence; it is instantly lovable, yet full of enigmas and contradictions. Destination Asia Japan is at the forefront of revealing these enigmas to guests with a number of unique tours developed through the managements close community ties. One of the country’s leading geisha experts takes guests on a fascinating tour of this still secretive part of the country’s culture – an insight that can’t be found anywhere else. Other new programs include organized trips summiting Mount Fuji, to tours of the secret worlds surrounding geisha and sumo wrestlers. These programs not only show you the exterior, but also taking you into their world; visiting houses where sumo wrestlers exercise, eat and live.

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