Destination Asia Laos

Destination Asia Laos

Destination Asia is proud to be the first destination management company to specialize in Indochina operations and the first Asia based travel company owned by its employees. Since establishment in 1996, Destination Asia has developed a network spanning 11 countries.

The first Destination Asia office opened in Laos in 2004 in Luang Prabang, with another added later in Vientiane. The country was identified as the ideal location to connect multi-country itineraries as it shares five international borders. Laos also has the mighty Mekong River running through it from north to south; a river so wide that, when you stroll along Vientiane’s delightful riverside boulevard, you may think you’re by the sea. Quality prevails in every aspect of Destination Asia’s programs, and the Laos team ensures that along with this quality, come fresh ideas that delve into un-trodden corners of the country. New trekking tours are now available departing the main destinations on journeys of one to three days. They can also provide motor cycle, bicycle and kayak expeditions into the wilderness; and river cruise programs such as those between the Thai border-Luang Prabang and the four day cruise in Southern Laos on Vat Phou.

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