Destination Asia Singapore

Destination Asia Singapore

Destination Asia is proud to be the first destination management company to specialize in Indochina operations and the first Asia based travel company owned by its employees. Since establishment in 1996, Destination Asia has developed a network spanning 11 countries.

Destination Asia Singapore and Malaysia both opened in 2010 under the management of Bob Guy who is now Managing Director in Singapore. Bob has served five years as Director of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board and eight as a director at the Sentosa Development Corporation. Singapore is an island state where the streets are immaculately clean and tidy, everything is perfectly planned and precisely on schedule – a culture shock in itself – especially for someone who may be familiar with East Asia’s more chaotic cities. Destination Asia is developing their more classic offerings such as extensive museum tours for art and history lovers. Visit the flourishing Singapore Botanical Gardens where guests can now enjoy two new horticultural excursions. The first is the heritage museum to learn of the rich 154-year history behind the gardens while the second is a tour of the new Green Gallery – celebrating Singapore’s ‘green journey’ over the past 50 years.

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