Liberty South America, Brazil

Liberty South America, Brazil

The mixture of races has made Brazil a culturally rich and at the same time unique country. This miscegenation began with the Indian, the African and the Portuguese, but soon after, immigrants from around the world began to arrive: Europeans, Asians, Jews and Arabs. The result is a happy people, open to everything new, a people one can only find in Brazil where no one is a foreigner. Very few destinations offer such varied options as Brazil. Its natural beauties, popular festivities and the countless protected environmental reserves are priceless attractions, which amaze foreign tourists when the time comes for them to choose their holiday destination.

Liberty Brazil is part of Liberty International Group and was founded in April 2004. Our professional team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the market. Although Liberty Brazil is relatively new, we are highly respected throughout the industry.
We provide a wide range of services with a professional, flexible and individual approach to each customer’s needs and expectations; we handle everything from FITs to unique Incentive groups.

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