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Gala Dinner at the Bayon Temple

Cambodia has some of the most iconic and awe inspiring cultural structures in Asia, so delivering them as an event space will always capture the imagination. The magnificent temple of Bayon was the state temple of King Jayavarman VII, built at the end of the 12th century and is now listed as the second largest temple in the Angkor Wat Complex.

Destination Asia Cambodia can provide clients with a gala dinner setting in the grounds of the temple, located just 20 minutes by coach from the center of Siem Reap. On arrival the group is met by a number of elephants at the entrance and blessed by Cambodian monks as they walk onto the temple grounds to create an exclusive and memorable atmosphere.

Luxury 5* hotel catering can be provided for up to 250 seated pax with traditional dance performances taking place on the terrace.

e: cambodia@destination-asia.com

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Alluring Hong Kong Museum Offers Event Space

Liang Yi Museum provides an unusual venue in Hong Kong to create a very memorable event. The museum is home to two of the world’s leading antique collections and has been purposely designed to accommodate corporate events.

The museum is located on Hollywood Road in the historic neighborhood of Sheung Wan bordering Central. The ground floor serves as a reception area measuring 8,000 square feet, while the second and third floors are permanent exhibition halls for a collection of antiques.

The venue offers a versatile and exclusive event space that can be used for cocktails, private dinners, corporate events, fashion shoots and shows. An on-site kitchen provides facilities to cater for smaller groups of up to 50 guests while larger groups can be accommodated by arrangement with Destination Asia Hong Kong.

e: hongkong@destination-asia.com



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Charter Flight To Samui For Sundown

Brief and challenges:
Destination Asia Thailand received a brief from an incentive house in Australia to create a program for 40 pax from a well-known transportation company. The delegates were the company’s leading sales achievers, traveling first to Singapore and then Koh Samui on their incentive. The program did pose some logistical challenges as the group was journeying on the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok, with the plan to then fly to Koh Samui. However, with the train arriving late in the day, it would not be possible to arrive in Koh Samui before sunset as desired.

Overcoming the challenges:
To solve the challenge of arriving in time for sunset on Koh Samui, Destination Asia made arrangements for a charter flight from Hua Hin to the island. The flight had sufficient capacity for the delegates but not their luggage, so Destination Asia staff collected their luggage from E&O Express at Surat Thani Province before sending it by ferry to the island, where it would be ready on their arrival.

This alteration to the schedule resulted in the group having an extra few hours before boarding the flight at Hua Hin. It was decided to disembark the group at Prachub Kirikhan Province for breakfast by the beach, followed by a morning of longtail boat racing. There was then sufficient time to board the flight in Hua Hin and arrive with a few hours to relax before sunset on Koh Samui.

Client feedback:
The result was excellent. A great success and very happy with the end result. There was a worry we would not arrive in time for the sunset on Koh Samui, but in fact we arrived with time to spare and our bags were already delivered.

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Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

Amazing Race in Tokyo

Join together for an ‘Amazing Race’, solving clues in your teams on the streets of Tokyo. Begin the day with an assistant, a camera and a clue. The first pointer leads teams to one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks where they have to prove their presence with a team photo before being assigned their next clue. A team photo is taken after solving each clue, with the collection shown at dinner in the evening.

The program is an excellent team building activity making use of Tokyo’s efficient transport network while introducing a number of well-known sites to participants – including Ueno, Akihabara and Asakusa, Tokyo’s old town district. A Japanese guide also joins the groups to help interact with locals.

Once the ‘Amazing Race’ is complete and the winner has been declared, the group prepares for a 45 minute cruise on the Sumida Gawa River to enjoy a well-deserved drink. Finally the winning team is honored with a prize at dinner in the evening when a slideshow of all the photos is shown.

e: japan@destination-asia.com

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Cultural Rice Paddy Dinner in Hoi An

Following a request for an extraordinary venue suitable for 130 pax arriving from Australia to the Danang and Hoi An area, Destination Asia Vietnam delivered their newly created, unique and truly inspirational Rice Paddy Dinner. The event would mark the groups’ final night in Vietnam and had to capture the cultural qualities and beauty of Vietnam.

Creating a private village community within a flourishing rice paddy, guests were transported back to a world where the rice harvest was (and still is) considered the event of the year for the local inhabitants. Soft lighting highlighted the emerald fields while every element of a community was present on site – buffalo, women carrying produce on yolks, market stalls, fishermen on a sampan in the river, traditional games and children singing. An entire community was re-created around the activities leading up to harvest season.

A professional dining service ensued as guests took to their seats in the middle of a rice field amid a backdrop of classical Vietnam. The group later remarked their expectations had been met and exceeded at this outstanding event.

e: vietnam@destination-asia.com

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Private Tour of Gardens by the Bay

One of the most iconic venues in Singapore with an outstanding reputation for excellent delivery remains Gardens by the Bay. Its favourable location in downtown Marina Bay makes it easily accessible for groups, with three distinct waterfront gardens to admire – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central.

Destination Asia Singapore can organize an exclusive tour of the immense flower dome and surrounding landscape with one of the garden’s specialist horticultural guides. This VIP treatment ensures every guest gains a fascinating insight to the internal workings of the garden, including its unique climate-controlled cooling system and power generation through compost-waste recycling.

The Supertree Grove is a highlight of any visit, walking along a 128 meter-long walkway at a height of 28 meters between two of the monolithic tree-like structures. Our program also visits SuperTree by Indochine – a bistro located 50 meters above ground at the top of the tallest Supertree. With a capacity for 80 pax in the main bar and 40 on the rooftop, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Gardens and Marina Bay below while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. A dining service is also available with a choice of Indochinese, Western and Fusion dishes.

e: singapore@destination-asia.com



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Spotlight on Guilin

Guilin is a city experiencing growth in the meetings and events sector owing to its intriguing off-site venues that capitalize on the regions stunning natural landscape and a rising selection of international hotels offering exceptional meeting facilities. Providing a landscape very different from the popular meeting and event destinations of Shanghai and Beijing, Guilin allows for unique and experiential teambuilding activities such as biking and trekking without sacrificing on accommodation or event spaces. A well-developed infrastructure including an international airport with regular flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and international destinations makes it easily accessible.

Attractions and unusual dining venues include; The Li River – with exceptional evening cocktail cruise options; Reed Flute Cave – suitable for buffet dinners and cocktail parties; and Seven-Star Park – an excellent open location for teambuilding activities within a spectacular karst setting.

Destination Asia China recommends Reed Flute Cave (a natural limestone cave) as an intriguing off-site venue, suitable for buffet dinners, cocktail parties and coffee breaks. It has a maximum capacity of 180 pax seated and some exceptional branding opportunities through projections onto the cave walls.

As the Shangri-La continues to expand (adding 50% more twin rooms by 2015), it provides excellent meetings and event facilities with over 4389 square meters of functional space. It can also accommodate up to 2000 guests in the city’s largest ballroom with an impressive selection of audiovisual equipment available.

e: china@destination-asia.com

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