Follow the Legendary Doi Pui Opium Trail


Destination Asia Thailand take guests on an exhilarating journey from Chiang Mai along the legendary Opium Trail on Doi Pui.

This historic voyage connects visitors to the Hmong people who are originally from China and now call this region home. On the journey guests visit a number of villages to learn about their fascinating culture, settlement, traditions and way of life where the cultivation of opium has been an important element. Exploring the landscape, it is possible to see the remains of old settlements and sample some of the delicious crops now grown here – including lush, ripe strawberries. On our way to Doi Pui we stop at Doi Suthep temple on the summit of Doi Suthep Mountain. We then set off on a memorable four hour trek, venturing through wild grasslands with magnificent panoramic views along the way.
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A Culinary Encounter in Beijing’s Night Markets


Explore the night markets of Beijing as we walk through vibrant, colorful alleyways teeming with life, sound, smells and some peculiar sights.

Our culinary themed program takes guests on a walking tour of Beijing’s fascinating Wangfujing Eat Street and Donghuamen Night Market. This charismatic street market opened in 1984 and has gained international attention – attracting tourists from across the world. The market is reputed for its numerous delicacies, from strawberry candy on a stick to barbequed lamb skewers and noodles. More adventurous food lovers can sample an array of exotic delights that are foreign to the western palate, such as scorpion, silk worms, beetles and much more! A great opportunity for some memorable photos while trying these unusual delicacies.
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Join a Novitiation Ceremony in Myanmar


Steeped in culture and tradition, the majority of Burmese people are very devout in their following of Buddhism. Central to this belief are the monks who study and practice the teachings of Buddha.

Each Buddhist male in Burma, in accordance with tradition, must be initiated into novice hood at least once in his life. Achieving this noble status requires that he first undergo a traditional novitiation ceremony. Destination Asia Myanmar can arrange a contribution on the visitor’s behalf, which in addition to their participation and the opportunity to witness this special ceremony, allows several young novices the chance to accept this holy rite of passage that many families simply can’t afford. On the day, each boy is dressed in glittering clothes to look like a prince with a procession following them – including their family, an orchestra and dancers. Guests can follow the ceremony and offer the novice monk items such as bowls, robes and soap that he can use during his noviciation. The ceremony takes place at Kalaywa Monastery in Yangon or Inle Lake.
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Tokae Lantern Festival is a Sight of Beauty


Join Destination Asia Japan between 14-15 August at one of Japan’s most visual and magical festivals as we make our way to Nara – a former capital that enjoyed a 74 year reign during the 8th century.

Each year thousands of candles are lit in Nara Park and the surrounding gardens and temples, helping to guide spirits of the deceased back into our world during Obon period. Lanterns are set alight in the evening all over the city, particularly along the road to Todaiji Temple. Guests are invited to soak up the jubilant and romantic atmosphere with a guided walk around the prettiest of the candlelit streets and ancient temples. This is then followed by a traditional Japanese dinner and an overnight stay in one of the city’s famous, charming and historic ryokan hotels. Following the festival our guide will take guests on a tour of the local temples, including visits to Todaiji temple and Kasuga Taisha, Nara’s most celebrated shrine. We also take a relaxing stroll through Nara Park to witness the 1000 tame deer that roam the land.
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