An Adventure Revealing Bangkok’s Artisans
Cruise along the vibrant Chao Phraya River through the heart of Bangkok as we head toward Thonburi for an art adventure on the eastern side of the river.

The canals that feed into the river here form a transport network that has been in use since the first settlers arrived in Bangkok. Still utilized today, a journey here will reveal scenes that are at odds with the bustling modern inner city of Bangkok. Take a glimpse into the serene and simple lifestyle of riverside dwellers with scenes that earned Bangkok the title of ‘Venice of the East’. We make a stop at the ancient Baan Silapin house located on Bang Luang canal. Owned by Khun Chumpol Akkapantanon, the Artist’s House is more than two hundred years old, dating back to when the capital of Thailand was on the other side of the river. Here visitors can also sit down to watch a rarely performed traditional Thai puppet show, complete with delicately crafted puppets that used to be part of the Joe Louis puppet theatre in one of Bangkok’s old night bazaars.
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Uncovering Japan’s Rural Spiritual Heritage
Follow in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims who have walked the famous spiritual journey from Okayama to Kotohira.

Shikoku is Japan’s fourth largest island and the most rural of the main islands in the archipelago. Remaining less developed than the rest of Japan, it has maintained a rustic charm that has since disappeared in other areas of the country. With an expert guide who unravels many secret tales, we board the train for a scenic ride to Kotohira from Okayama. The train will cross the Seto Ohashi, an impressive bridge spanning the Seto Inland Sea, connecting Honshu Island to neighboring Shikoku. After an evening relaxing in a hot onsen to soothe your muscles, we feel revitalized and ready to explore the surroundings of Kotohira, starting with Kompirasan temple, an exclusive Shinto shrine and easily the most famous temple in Shikoku.
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cDiscover Bali in an Open-Top Classic VW
Indonesia offers numerous experiences that bring together every family member in moments of unforgettable joy, celebration and awe – and a firm favorite among travelers is the VW Jeep safari in Bali.

Climbing aboard Bali’s most funky mode of transport, the classic open-top VW Jeep that is guaranteed to get everyone excited. Cruise past lush rice paddies with ocean views and visit a local school where guests have the opportunity to interact with children, helping them gain a better understanding of English. We also visit a local family to witness first-hand how classic Balinese food is prepared, with the chance to lend a helping hand. The next stop on our VW Jeep safari is at a rice paddy where we get involved with planting and harvesting this ubiquitous food. Guests learn how rice is grown and the intensive labor required to manage it from seed to plate.
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Local Insider Experiences in Hong Kong
Embark on a classic tour of Hong Kong that takes in all the highly talked about ‘must see’ locations and attractions while utilizing many of the traditional transport types still operating today.

Visitors walk through the residential neighborhoods, local wet markets, temples and shops, gaining unique insight into the way local people live. Our itinerary starts in Central where we discover how traditional Eastern values harmoniously coexist with the fast-paced Western influences in Hong Kong. We walk through the atmospheric streets to Statue Square where our guide explains the influence of Feng Shui on notable landmark buildings, as well as the energy that has propelled the district to become a leading financial center. Next is a ride on the tram, locally known as the ‘ding ding’, an essential part of Hong Kong Island’s daily life for over 100 years. For those guests seeking the ultimate view of Hong Kong, we can arrange a 12 minute join-in helicopter flight passing over all the iconic landscapes.
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