Tracing the Roots of Balinese Art
Not many destinations celebrate the arts quite so flamboyantly as Indonesia.

Its islands are graced with dancers, musicians, writers, sculptors and painters who utilize their stunning surroundings to inspire and create fascinating works of art. Destination Asia Indonesia has created an introduction to Indonesian and Balinese art, exploring its influences and development over the centuries, while providing guests with unprecedented access to experts as well as some of the most renowned artists on the island of Bali. Working with a host of experts, our arts itinerary in Bali connects visitors with curators, art dealers and patrons, all of whom are more than happy to share their experience and knowledge. At an Indonesian art workshop we learn about the history of world art and how it can be traced back to the first artistic expressions in Bali. Guests are shown how the interaction between Indonesian and Western art influenced Balinese art to produce the styles that are visible today.
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The Land of Wats and Riveting Encounters
A deeply Buddhist society with strong cultural, spiritual and social values.

Thailand offers visitors the opportunity to witness and partake in a number of cultural traditions such as receiving a blessing from a monk or visiting a temple to learn about your future. Our spiritual encounter with Southeast Asia’s most captivating city begins in the heart of the historical district at a place called Rattanakosin. Staying close to the Grand Palace and the temple of the Reclining Buddha, we spend four insightful days learning, experiencing and absorbing the spiritual wonders of this ancient city. The selection of temples and places of worship to visit in the area is overwhelming, with the majority easily accessible on foot. The river, Grand Palace and world famous temples all within a few minutes walking distance of each other.Our journey takes us to a number of magnificent architectural temples, including Wat Rathabophit and the mighty Wat Pho – home to one of the country’s largest reclining Buddha.
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Taking Contemporary to the Next Level in Japan
Children simply love the colorful sights and sounds of Japan.

Complemented by a fast and efficient public transport system, Japan is not only easy, but also pleasurable to navigate thus leaving every visitor with memorable experiences. It’s a place where every street presents a unique cultural encounter. Our team in Tokyo have created a day of discovery, introducing the most pioneering gadgets, electronics and man-made machinery available on earth today. See them, hold them, play with them and discover how they are made. We head to the most futuristic district of Tokyo; the man-made island of Odaiba, located adjacent to Tokyo’s Shinbashi district in Tokyo bay. The island features a large number of ultra-modern buildings and attractions that guarantee an exciting day out for the entire family.
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A Community Focused Sabah Experience
The longhouse remains at the very center of communal life in Borneo, defining a way living that has stood the test of time.

In Sarawak alone there are over 4,500 longhouses built over its waterways. These communal houses constructed on stilts may contain up to 100 individual families in separate ‘apartments’, built under the cover of one long roof. A stay at the longhouse near the town of Kudat will enable guests to experience and observe the local Rungus people’s lifestyle and their communal activities. Endeavors such as gong-making, honey bee farming, basket weaving and intricate beadwork can be observed. Evenings are filled with jubilant entertainment including cultural performances and tasting “tapai” (rice wine). We also visit Gayang Village, a site where visitors can observe the life style of the Bajau, an indigenous ethnic group who live their lives on the water. Here we help with catching crabs and learn about the importance of the mangroves in providing raw materials for many of the tools they craft by hand.
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