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Grootbos Press Release: Post-Fire Update

Firstly, thank you all for your patience during this period of uncertainty at Grootbos following the closure of Forest Lodge as a result of fire and water damage sustained here last Sunday. We fully understand the difficulty and stress that you are now being faced with in trying to accommodate your guests.

Grootbos Foundation Autumn Newsletter April 2016

A new year is a time of renewed energy and focus. This year has been no exception for the Grootbos Foundation and whilst we continue to deliver our existing programmes with commitment and vigour, we have undertaken a new project under our Siyakhula Social Enterprise pillar.

Grootbos Foundation Summer Newsletter December 2015

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Another Honor for Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

We think a stay at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is indeed life-changing and now industry experts agree!

Grootbos Foundation – Winter 2015

From a crisp and cold Grootbos, overlooking the spectacular Walker Bay, we look back on the highlights of the past few months with much pride and gratitude. At our recent team gathering, generously hosted by Grootbos's Forest Lodge, we were overjoyed to recognise and celebrate just how much the Grootbos Foundation has achieved in the last quarter, and more importantly, consistently over the past 12 year journey.

News from KAI — May 2015

KAI is proud to represent Hangzhou Tourism to promote this up and coming region of China. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, is an ancient city known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The city has been long noted for its magical landscapes with gorgeous pagodas, pavilions, lush gardens and historic temples.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve voted as one of the “Best Eco-Lodges in Africa” on CNN

As eco-tourism gains significance in the travel industry and travellers are opting for sustainable choices when choosing their next holiday destination, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, located in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, is voted as one of 15 of the finest eco-lodges across Africa.

South Africa KAI Business Development Trip Report

I spent the first part of my October in one of my favorite destinations in the world, South Africa. Being a native of Botswana and having toured the region since I was a child it’s always a breath of fresh air to return to the southern Africa and add to my safari count (currently 400+) and being able to share these experience with a group that was quite new to Africa was such a treat.