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Machaba and Little Machaba November Game Sightings

Big cat month here at Machaba. Leopards galore and lions around every corner. Our young leopard male almost took down a lechwe the other day. The entire hunt was witnessed. Tiny leopard cubs have been spotted on several occasions.

Gomoti Plains November Game Sightings

Cats, Cats and more cats – oh, and dogs as well November really was the month of the predator – made very easy by the fact that the seasonal deluge of impala fawns made feeding almost as simple as ordering take-aways.

Machaba Safaris Introduces Verney’s Camp, Hwange, Zimbabwe

Machaba Safaris is pleased to announce the launch of their new camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe - Verney’s Camp.

Machaba Camp: Monthly Game Sightings – January 2017

2017 is off to an amazing start here at Machaba Camp! Lions, lions, lions & some more lions – around every corner, across the river, in the tall grass & even perching in a tree… They have been seen mating, wandering, resting & feeding… Leopard sightings have been very good – despite the thick foliage. We have seen our young leopard successfully hunt, play & feast on ducks & geese. Quite the spectacle to watch, although not ideal for sensitive viewers.

Introducing Little Machaba!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Little Machaba Camp to our group - Opening 20 April 2016.

KAI Collection Racking Up the Awards!

The KAI Collection is gonna need a bigger mantle if this keeps up...

Machaba Camp – Game Sightings August 2015

See what's being seen at Machaba Camp in Botswana...

News from KAI – August 2015

This month features Machaba, the Masai Mara, MORE Awards for KAI partners and much more... Enjoy!

Machaba Camp Newsletter

News from our friends at Machaba Camp


Kartagener Associates Inc. (KAI), a pioneering New York based sales representation and marketing firm, welcomes Machaba Camp to our award-winning portfolio.