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Setouchi Trip Report

The Setouchi region had been on my list of places to visit in Japan for quite some time so I was obviously excited when the opportunity came about to spend a little over a week exploring this lesser traveled region of Japan.

Borneo Trip Report, November 2017

I had the opportunity to visit Borneo with Destination Asia Malaysia in November 2017, obviously I jumped at the chance and I’m so glad that I did! Our trip to Borneo was the highlight, but it was bookended by a stay in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur as well. This report is going to focus on the Borneo experience, as I’ve traveled to both cities previously, however I must say that both warrant a stay from your guests.

News from KAI – June 2015

We are thrilled to have Naibor Camp in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya as the newest KAI Collection member.


"If you have not yet been to Myanmar don't bother going; it's already changed" is a comment that I've heard on more than a few occasions from seasoned travelers. I am writing the following pages to dispel this notion and provide a snapshot of the tourist experience in Myanmar today.