Claire Kartagener, Chief Financial Officer

My favorite travel experience or place I’ve been:

I have too many favorite places and experiences to pick just one. But if I were to name a few they would be visiting the Taj Mahal, seeing and hearing the roar of Victoria Falls, visiting Slovenia to see where my grandparents came from, or open air game drives throughout Africa. Most importantly any travel experience I have had with our family together, whether domestically or internationally, bring back so many happy memories of our time together. What more could I ask for?!

My most embarrassing travel moment:

Upon arrival at our game lodge in Kenya, we came upon a swing bridge which we needed to walk across in order to access our camp. Unfortunately I have a tremendous fear of heights and no matter how many times I tried and after several aborted attempts they were kind enough to offer to take me across the river in a small boat. To add to my embarrassment, the water level in the river was low and it ended up they pretty much carried me, in the boat, across the river. The next day we repeated the boat experience and fortunately accommodations were available for us on the other side of the river where we spent the rest of our holiday enjoying the splendor of Kenya.

I fell in love with travel...

The first time I stepped on a plane when I was eight years old.

I never get on a plane without...

Twizzlers, trashy gossip magazines, and something comfortable to change into on long haul flights.

Years working in travel: 23 Years

Years working with KAI: 21 Years

Trip Reports

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“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine

Dream Trip / Bucket List

There isn’t a particular destination or experience on my bucket list, rather I’ll just wait to see what opportunity comes my way and jump at the opportunity to visit somewhere new.