Henry Kartagener, Chairman

Last journey...

I visited the beautiful city of Hangzhou. This hidden gem should be included in every traveler's China itinerary!

My favorite travel experience or place I’ve been

Seeing my first lion as it approached the safari vehicle and brushed up against the tire just below where I was seated is a visual I will never forget. The fact that I was holding my breath for fear I would disturb the lion is also a memorable experience!

My most embarrassing travel moment

I had some seafood for lunch in Johannesburg shortly before boarding a flight from JNB / HKG and experienced food poisoning shortly after takeoff. I spent the entire flight in the toilet and took my “real seat” on final approach.

I fell in love with travel...

When I learned it would be far less expensive to see the world at someone else’s expense if I was working in the hospitality industry. Thus, I left my job as an accountant and began in the airline industry.

I never get on a plane without...

Making a serious effort to turn left once entering the aircraft.

Years working in travel: 45 Years

Years working with KAI: 21 Years

Other Team Members


“Skilled Plagiarism Inevitably Surpasses Inept Creativity”

Dream Trip / Bucket List

Cruise to Antarctica