Ritika Khanna, National Sales Manager

Last journey...

I recently visited London and absolutely loved the various experiences it had to offer - from the spectacular sunrise over Stonehenge, the magnificent jewels at the Tower of London, the plush gardens at Windsor Castle to the gorgeous views from Sky Garden!

I fell in love with travel...

When I took a 16 seater flight around Mount Everest and looked at The Himalayas in their glorious snow-capped beauty while standing behind the pilot in the cockpit! In that moment I realized that travel can guarantee that you?ll come away more enriched than you ever thought possible – a feeling that I immediately fell in love with!!

I never get on a plane without...

headphones, perfume and speaking to my family!

Years working in travel: 7 Years

Years working with KAI: 1 Years

Trip Reports

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To infinity and beyond!